Signal21 Charts of the Week | June 15, 2024

Weekly roundup of key Bitcoin layers analytics


It’s been an exciting week in the Bitcoin Economy!

Let’s explore the data 👇️ 

Charts of the Week


Activity on Bitcoin ticked up with transaction fees up 17% this week. Explore the Bitcoin overview dashboard.


Excellent community post highlighting the remarkable growth of cumulative unique wallets within the Stacks ecosystem.

Memecoin activity on Stacks continues to surge, and the Signal21 built a new Stacks Memecoin Dashboard to help our users keep an eye on on-chain activity. Check out the dashboard.


StackingDAO continues its strong growth, crossing 54M $STX stacked. Explore the StackingDAO dashboard.


Transactions on ALEX since its re-opening have been strong, with over 16,000 transactions to date, and peaking at 1,969 transactions on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

Cumulative wallets on ALEX crossed 3,500 since the re-opening.

Explore the ALEX dashboard.

Signal21 Updates

It’s been a busy week at Signal21.

We’re excited to announce that Rootstock data is now available on Signal21! This milestone takes us one step closer to achieving our goal of being the premier blockchain data and intelligence platform for the Bitcoin economy.

Explore the Rootstock dashboard.

Lastly, we’d love to hear from our users. We want to level up or Stacks mining data, as well as provide better data on Stacks signing. Please let us know the data that would be most useful.

Thank you to everyone for sharing those charts, and being part of the Signal21 Community!


Jonathan Sadlowe

Co-founder & CEO at Signal21