Signal21 Charts of the Week | May 3, 2024

Weekly roundup of key Bitcoin layers analytics


It’s been an exciting week in the Bitcoin Economy!

Here’s a quick roundup of noteworthy Bitcoin DeFi analytics.

Charts of the Week

Cointelegraph featured Signal21’s data and announcement that Stacks reached a new ATH of 122,497 active users for the month of April. Read the full article.


Snapshot of key Stacks ecosystem tokens:

Synthetic BTC

Synthetic BTC supply on Stacks reached an all-time-high this week with xBTC reaching 165.8 and aBTC growing to 172.3, respectively. Visit the dashboard.


Over the last week, the Stacks token price continued to lose ground to the price of BTC during recent market volatility.

Fungible Tokens

Fungible token events on Stacks exploded in March and April, as memecoins continue to proliferate, and activity across core Stacks DeFi tokens (STX, ALEX, DIKO, USDA, stSTX, aBTC, xBTC) continue to increase. Visit the dashboard.


Stablecoin supply on Stacks trended down slightly in April to $10M (USDA ($4.5M), xUSD ($0.64M), sUSDT ($3.3M), aeUSDC ($1.1M)). Visit the dashboard.


StackingDAO crossed 50M STX locked on the protocol, increasing TVL to upwards of $110M. Visit the dashboard.

Signal21 Product Update

It’s been a busy week at Signal21. We continue to onboard more and more data enthusiasts, and next week look out as we publish April monthly research.

Thank you to everyone for sharing those charts, and being part of the Signal21 Community!


Jonathan Sadlowe

Co-founder & CEO at Signal21