Signal21 Charts of the Week | May 18, 2024

Weekly roundup of key Bitcoin layers analytics


It’s been an exciting week in the Bitcoin Economy!

Charts of the Week


Bitcoin reaches $67,000! Up from $57,000 only a few weeks ago. While spot Bitcoin ETFs continued to show strength.

New 13F filings showed 937 financial firms are holding Bitcoin ETFs in Q1 2024, while just 95 firms hold Gold ETFs.


Ordinals activity slowed over the last week.


Runes daily transaction continue to sit in a general range between 500,000 and 200,000 daily transactions. Explore the Signal21 Bitcoin Layer 1 dashboard.


Snapshot of key Stacks ecosystem tokens: Click to view the live Signal21 Stacks Overview.

A new Our Network article about DeFi on Stacks featured Signal21 data. Read the article.

PoX Consensus Stacking rewards (paid in BTC) are elevated as the full Nakamoto upgrade approaches.


Zest is back and transactions are up! Explore the Signal21 Zest dashboard.

Signal21 Updates

It’s been a busy week at Signal21. We continue to onboard more and more data enthusiasts, publish new research and add more Bitcoin data.

Signal21 is also expanding into node services in the Bitcoin L2 ecosystem, and is now running a Stacks signer to help support the network.

Thank you to everyone for sharing those charts, and being part of the Signal21 Community!


Jonathan Sadlowe

Co-founder & CEO at Signal21