Signal21 Charts of the Week | May 11, 2024

Weekly roundup of key Bitcoin layers analytics


It’s been an exciting week in the Bitcoin Economy!

Charts of the Week

Bitcoin recently crossed 1 billion transactions!

But Runes activity still lags initial anticipation, not crossing 500,000 daily transactions since April 24th.


Snapshot of key Stacks ecosystem tokens:

Click to view the live Signal21 Stacks Overview:

Stacks Monthly SNAPSHOT

Despite a 32% drawdown in market cap leading up to the Nakamoto Release, the number of new accounts on Stacks grew by 8.6% MoM.

Arkadiko Monthly SNAPSHOT

Demand for leverage declined across markets in April, and Arkadiko was no different, as it saw its key metrics fall Month over Month.

Product Update

It’s been a busy week at Signal21. We continue to onboard more and more data enthusiasts, publish new research and launched two new dashboards: LISA & Hermetica!

LISA Liquid Stacking

Track the LiSTX token and liquid stacking metrics.

View the live Signal21 LISA dashboard.


Track stSTXearn and Hermetica’s yield products.

Thank you to everyone for sharing those charts, and being part of the Signal21 Community!


Jonathan Sadlowe

Co-founder & CEO at Signal21