Signal21 Charts of the Week | June 1, 2024

Weekly roundup of key Bitcoin layers analytics


It’s been an exciting week in the Bitcoin Economy!

New transactional ALL-TIME-HIGHS for both Bitcoin and Stacks in a single month!

Let’s explore the data 👇️ 

Charts of the Week


Bitcoin transactions were up 23% MoM hitting a new all time high of 17.8M transactions in May.


Runes activity picked up in May.

Runes almost has its first billion dollar project!


New $STX volume all-time-high of 959M STX transacted in May.


The ALEX exploit (seen in the chart below) is still weighing heavy on the Stacks ecosystem, but the team has been steadfast in containing the 13.7M STX theft and creating a treasury grant program to payback impacted users.

Voting for the proposals is here and open through June 2nd.

Explore the ALEX dashboard.

Signal21 Updates

It’s been a busy week at Signal21.

We built 7 new daily charts for premium subscribers and active traders.

This gives premium subscribers access to real-time daily metrics across Stacks and key Bitcoin DeFi projects like ALEX, Velar, Zest, StackingDAO, Bitflow and Welsh—with more premium dashboards being added weekly.

Sign up for premium access.

For example, premium users can see daily $STX transaction volume.

Thank you to everyone for sharing those charts, and being part of the Signal21 Community!


Jonathan Sadlowe

Co-founder & CEO at Signal21