Announcing: Bitlayer Data Now Live on Signal21

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We are excited to announce that Bitlayer data is now available on Signal21!

👉️ Explore the Bitlayer dashboard.

This new addition is a significant milestone in our commitment to providing the most precise, comprehensive, and actionable blockchain data and research for the Bitcoin Economy.

Bitlayer Overview

Bitlayer is an EVM-compatible L2 currently running by a permissioned federation (21 validators). As it matures, there are plans to implement off-chain data availability, support BitVM, and be secured with Bitcoin finality. BitLayer uses Solidity and Vyper for smart contract programming and execution.

Looking Ahead

As Signal21 continues to expand, we remain committed to enhancing our platform and providing our community with valuable tools and insights. To stay updated on all our latest developments and get more insights into the Bitcoin ecosystem, follow us on Twitter.


Jonathan Sadlowe

Co-founder & CEO at Signal21